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Quality expertise layered upon solutions and services to support your facility’s continued growth, improved safety and patient outcomes.


Telepharmacy allows you to care for your patients even when a pharmacist is not on duty by processing orders 24/7/365.

Pharmacy Management

Through Pharmacy Management, we become your in-house pharmacist, maintaining the infrastructure you need to keep things smooth, compliant, and efficient.

Clinical Services

Meeting your patient's needs wherever they may be in their medical journey: hospital, clinic, or in-home needs.


Consulting services ensure patient safety. Through education, training, and recommended processes, we help ensure you compliance.


Genetic testing provides the information needed to target potential risks and provide medication management specific to what is best for your patients.

Who We Help

"(Medication Review) provides an essential service with a proven, unfaltering 9 year record of perfect reliability."
Andre G.
Director of Pharmacy


Most frequent questions and answers.

Our prices are customized per facility and are based on the medication orders that we review and process. We strive to be a flexible strategic partner that offers clinical excellence and only charges for what we do.

Our implementation team, including our IT professionals, work with and in your facility to sync order processing and analytics with your staff, and electronic health record. We educate our team on your facility policies and procedure to ensure the best quality service. 

We pride ourselves on treating every order, from every facility we service, with the utmost importance. The industry standard for Emergency Department order verification is up to 15 minutes. Being up to 80% faster than that standard is something we’re proud of. 

Everything we do follows all HIPAA regulation. We follow your policies and procedures, utilize your electronic health record system, and routinely keep safe guards in place and up-to-date with our IT experts’ support. 

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