Medication Review’s Telepharmacy provides flexibility, immediate care, and unparalleled service. 

Through remote ordering and 24/7/365 pharmacy assistance your patients will be cared for around-the-clock.

Remote Order Entry

For every type of need, in every type of medical facility Medication Review will receive, verify, and fill your order. This service provides value beyond convenience. We ensure safety within our process, efficiency within our speed to deliver, and most important – customer care. 

 Your patients deserve the security of prospective medication order review. Doctors and nurses want clinical pharmacy support and drug information at their fingertips. Our specially trained pharmacists, who know your hospital’s policies and procedures, can provide the best clinical paths using dosing protocols and collaborative drug therapy agreements (CDTAs). Let us help take care of the patient behind our computer and be the support that your staff deserves.


24/7/365 Pharmacist Assist

Healthcare never stops. Your patients needs go beyond business hours. To meet this demand we provide trained experts 24/7/365 able to support with clinical knowledge, dosage protocols, collaborative drug therapy agreements, and more. All medication order review is conducted within the hospital’s Electronic Health Record on a real-time, prospective basis. Your staff and the patients they serve will benefit from the efficiency and confidence this service brings. 

Safety and Compliance

You and your patients need the security of prospective medication order review by highly trained pharmacists. Your doctors and nurses need clinical pharmacy support and prescription information at their fingertips. All while complying with HIPAA regulations, state and federal requirements, and other accreditation bodies.

Our highly trained pharmacists make a point to know your hospital or clinic. We study your policies and procedures to ensure we’re providing the best clinical paths using dosing protocols and CDTAs.

We perform complete Drug Utilization Review on every medication order to ensure the prescription, dose, and usage (frequency, duration, and indication) are correct. Furthermore, we make recommendations to minimize drug-drug and drug-disease interactions.

Five Partnership Benefits

  • Let us help take care of the patient behind our computer and be the support that your staff deserves
  • Provides around the clock pharmacist coverage
  • Allows your staff more time to tend to patients
  • Reduces risk of errors
  • Eliminates staff needs and offers flexible coverage for hard to staff times
  • Ensures facilities meet patient safety goals and mandated regulations

Patient safety and quality care is the cornerstone of all MRI services.” 
-Andre G. , Sunnyside Hospital