Pharmacogenomic Testing (PGx)

Medication Review now offers PGx Testing, also known as Pharmacogenomic Testing. This type of
testing analyzes a patient’s DNA to predict how they will respond to medications, allowing for the ability
to decrease trial and error prescribing. Using this tool, can help find the optimal treatment specific to
your patients’ needs.

Types of testing


Mental Health- Over 90+ medications are analyzed including, but not limited to, antidepressants, anti-
pyschotics, anti-ADHD agents, and anti-anxiety drugs.

Pain Management- 40+ pain management medications are reported in this testing including opioids,
muscle relaxants, and NSAIDs.

Cardiovascular- With 30+ medications used in cardiovascular treatments, this testing looks over statins,
anti-coagulants, beta blockers, and anti-hypertensives.

Comprehensive PGx Testing- Over 150+ drugs are analyzed in the treatments of chronic or acute pain,
cardiovascular health, mental health, infectious diseases, and gastrointestinal treatments.
In this test, all 3 PGx panels above are included with additional insights for other drug classes including:
urological agents, alpha-blockers, and diabetes treatments.

With all of these new ways of pinpointing healthcare, we have made ourselves a resource to providers
and patients alike. Our Genetic Advisers interpret and work along side you to discuss the outcomes of
each test allowing for…

  • Decrease in polypharmacy and all the associated issues, including patient costs and adverse
  •  Helps eliminate “trial-and-error” of prescribing by knowing which medications are most likely to
    work best for each patient based on their DNA
  • Decreased hospitalizations and ER visits due to medication side effects
  • Saves providers time and improves patient satisfaction and adherence by tailoring the drug

Health and Wellness DNA testing

Through our subsidiary, Lyfecode Genetics and Consulting, we offer a variety of health and wellness testing.
A simple cheek swab can show you the inner workings of your body makeup.

Results can show:

  • Protein Utilization
  • Power and endurance Potential,
  • Dietary needs
  • Sleep Duration
  • And more….

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