Are You Maximizing Your Genetic Potential?

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Are you taking a class at the gym?  Do you workout on a daily basis and see some results, but not exactly what you wanted?  There are broad practices that can be used to help increase athletic performance.  However, research is showing that the “one size fits all” model may not be the best way to reach your goals.

Usually with training or working out, you see what works and what doesn’t by a trial and error method. You see how you respond to a certain exercise or dietary change, and then decide if you should continue or try something else. This can be very frustrating as it takes a lot of time to go through these steps. You can make informed decisions, but the results of your hard work may not be evident. This is where genetic testing can be very valuable. Genetic testing can give you information that helps progress come more rapidly by identifying what works best for YOU, based on your specific genetic makeup. You can individualize exercise routines and dietary needs to give you a competitive edge, give your body the fuel it requires and possibly reduce the risk of injury.

Knowing your predispositions can give you information and guidance on :
• The type and duration of exercise intensity
• Frequency of your workouts to maximize results
• Proper rest periods to decrease injury risk

These predispositions are not the goal of your training, however.  Trial and error will still be present, but they give you answers on how to maximize your potential with fewer trials.

Training time is limited and genetic testing gives you the ability to use this time more effectively and reach your goals much more smoothly.