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  • Medication Review Announces Interim CEO
    Medication Review Announces Interim CEO The Medication Review Board of Directors is announcing the departure of Interim Chief Executive Officer Brenda K. Manley. Dr. […]
  • Weighing Pharmacy Staffing Models During COVID-19
    During the pandemic, cutting healthcare professionals seems illogical, but the economics of a healthcare facility are not immune to supply and demand. Clinics and […]
  • Pain Management PGx
    Why is this so important? Chronic non-cancer pain is a leading cause of health care utilization in the United States. In a manages care […]

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Dementia In The Elderly

Dementia takes on many forms and types, yet, we are still unaware of what causes these diseases.  Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia, affecting up to 80% of patients who are diagnosed.  This number has been growing exponentially over the last few years and will continue to do so.  Current numbers:9Alzheimer’s…

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Allergies in Elderly Patients

Estimations range from 5-10 % of our elderly patients who deal with seasonal allergies.  Our elderly are more susceptible to the typical symptoms of allergic rhinitis (AR), due to the anatomic and physiologic changes that occur with age.  These include nasal obstruction, post-nasal drip and cough.  Post-nasal drip and cough can be worsened by thickened…

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Having Trouble Sleeping?

Sleeping vs Aging Are sleeping problems just apart of the aging process? The answer is “NO!” There are physiologic changes that help to contribute to insomnia, however, many environmental factors as well as chronic medical conditions also contribute to insomnia in this population. Physiologically, the sleep patterns change as we age: 1. Sleep initiation is…

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Pharmacogenomic Testing

Pain Management PGx

Why is this so important? Chronic non-cancer pain is a leading cause of health care utilization in the United States. In a manages care setting, patients with chronic pain have bene estimated to incur nearly $32,000 in direct total costs per year. Greater than ½ of the variance in pain response to morphine is thought…

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RNA and Cancer

RNA Biomarkers May Shed Light on Cancer Immunotherapy Response This study aimed to look at how long noncoding RNA’s (lncRNAs) are related to immune molecular classification and its clinical outcomes in terms of cancer immunotherapy. It is known that lncRNAs play a role in both the innate and adaptive immunity within cancer. The lncRNAs intervene…

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