Clinical Services

Medication Review’s Clinical Services meets your patients where they are at and supports their path forward. We provide value through education, continued care, and medical planning. Knowing that every rehabilitation is unique, we partner to create the best path forward- whether that is providing resources, therapy recommendations, counseling, etc.

Prescription Renewals

We believe that the pharmacist-physician partnership is a vital part in maintaining patient compliance and optimal healthcare.

This service provides renewal management for patients in the clinic setting. Renewals done by our pharmacist experts follow all HIPAA and pharmacy regulations. The program is set up through Collaborative Drug Therapy Agreements (CDTAs) that are set forth by the practicing physicians. 

Most important, this allows your providers time in the clinic to see more patients face-to-face, giving them the ability to handle more emergent medical needs.

An elite pharmacist staff will verify the patient’s entire medication list and watch for any possible drug-drug-, drug-disease interactions. We will make sure renewals align with appointment and lab requirements that you, the provider, have ordered. 

INRs/UTI Management

With a team specializing in Geriatric Care, we are experts in monitoring your elderly patients’ medication health.  

Have comfort in knowing that we are in constant contact with providers, the lab team, and the patients’ filling pharmacy, to make sure your patients receive the quickest and absolutely correct medication dosing. Other benefits include:

  • Verifying Warfarin dose and adjust, if needed, based on the INR results
  • Verifying any kind of drug interaction by monitoring the patients’ medication list and any other recent health changes
  • Notifying the providers of any changes and make sure your healthcare team receives any changes in the Warfarin management


UTIs in the elderly population are time sensitive and we know it is crucial that they are treated in an urgent fashion. With the use of molecular testing to attain cultures and sensitivities, we are able to provide fast results, only prescribing antibiotics if necessary  and getting the patient treated within 48 hours. No more waiting to hear back from the lab for results or wondering if the pharmacy received the prescription order or through another Emergency Room Admission.